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Gift Guides

Gift Guide - The Creative Dad

Fathers Day is creeping even closer! Yet again, we’ve been discovering some awesome gifts for all budgets, this time for those Dads and Grandads who like to get creative! - Whether they love to make art, music, food or anything else in their spare time, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift amongst these amazing items made by artisans from around the UK.

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This leather guitar strap is the perfect gift for the guitarist or bassist Dad. Ready to be personalised with your choice of custom logo, imagery or text to make it truly unique. You can even choose the colour from a range of dyes! This hand cut and dyed strap is incredibly strong, resilient and comfortable; it’s fully adjustable and of course looks awesome.

Home Bacon Curing Kit - Ross & Ross - £20

A great gift for the Dad who likes to get creative in the kitchen! This kit from Ross & Ross contains everything you need to make your own original, sweet and smoky cured bacon at home.  Bacon is delicious, as we all know, but home-cured bacon is a whole other level, with the added satisfaction of having made it yourself.

Pencil Mountain Art Print - Sean Mort - £25

This beautiful screen printed illustration is perfect for those Dad’s who always have a pen or pencil in their hand or behind their ear. Sean Mort has a great range of print based gifts for creative folks and hobbies of every type, including a massive selection of pick’n’mix mini prints. “A no.2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.”

Maker’s Balm - Old Faithful - £27

We’ve raved about Old Faithful’s Foot Balm before and this Maker’s Balm is perfect for the Dad who’s always using his hands. Your hands are the greatest tools you will ever own and just like all tools, your hands need care. This Balm contains Shea Butter which moisturises and protects while the Calendula acts as anti-inflammatory for dry, chapped skin. Not to mention, it smells fantastic!

Vinyl Record Notebook - Melodies - £17

A music lover and creative writer’s dream, the cover of this lined notebook is made from a unique vinyl record. Melodies offers a handful of unique notebooks amongst plenty of other trinkets made with music paraphernalia such as records, guitar knobs and drumsticks.

Outdoor Cooking Tripod & Griddle Plate - Netherton Foundry - £190

This outdoor cooking tripod and cast iron griddle plate is absolutely perfect for the guy who loves to get creative with his cooking. Netherton Foundry are experts in pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. You can fry or cook directly on the griddle surface or use it as a hob for pans and kettles. The tripod folds and can be disassembled for easy storage and carrying. A real treat for him, but hey, you’ll get to enjoy the food too!

Canvas Pencil Case - Wild Marshmallow - £24

This understated waxed canvas pouch is the perfect companion for Dad to carry around his pens, pencils, brushes and other creative tools! At 9” x 5” you could even fit in a small sketchbook! This could be used as use a pencil case, toiletry pouch, or for travel accessories and we think it looks great.

Vegvisir Leather Cable Holder - HORD - £10

This leather cable holder is perfectly designed to keep earphones, chargers and other small cables organised and tangle-free. Made from resilient veg-tan leather and hand dyed, this handy little gadget will keep Dad’s cables tidy for many years to come.

Gift Guides

Gift Guide - The Adventure Dad

Fathers Day is around the corner and so we have been doing our best to find awesome gifts for all budgets for those dads who love to get in the outdoors and have a scramble - made by artisans from around the UK.


Personalised Fire Steel - by Hunter Gatherer - £20

The weather is heating up and those dreams of starlit camps are becoming more of a reality with each passing day. Hunter Gatherer has the perfect gift for those who want to prove their fire building finesse - these fire steels can be personalised with your choice of memorable text! All you need now is some dry kindling a bit of practice (and don’t forget the big bag of marshmallows for toasting!)

Cycling Recovery Kit - by GumOn - £27

For those long stretches out on the bike, GumOn have formulated a kit full of restorative and soothing products perfect for a pamper after hitting the trails. A must for all cyclists, this kit contains an anti-chafing Chamois cream, a Stressed Muscle Soother Gel and some Muscle and Skin Detox bath salts. Guess what is even better? They are vegan friendly, paraben free and scented with essential oils to stimulate and soothe.

Personalised Hand Painted Mountain Patch - from £10

For the conqueror of Peaks, these patches are personalised with the name of a mountain or expedition. Engraved and hand painted, these patches have pre-cut stitch holes to make them even easier to stitch to their favourite rucksack or hat.

Adventure Cuff Link Dish - Not A Jewellery Box - £6

When the adventure weekend is over and the day job reality comes flooding back, we recommend filling your home with trinkets that remind you of all those wonderful elements you love out there! And this trinket dish entirely fits the bill. Perfectly sized for the nightstand, this dish is great for cuff links, rings and small jewellery.

Axe Camping T-Shirt - by Sight Hound - £22.50

Sight Hound have a great selection of t-shirts that are perfect for climbers, cyclists and off-roading enthusiasts. But, I fell in love with this anatomy of an Axe t-shirt - combining my love for technical drawings reminiscent of Haynes Manuals and the outdoor iconography of a wood axe - I mean, how perfect?

Sole Salvation - by Old Faithful Co - £22

Sole Salvation is the perfect name for this foot balm - as an avid hiker, my feet get quite the punishment and this foot balm is the perfect bit of pampering after a long hike. The next morning, my feet are soft and born anew! This little pot of miracles makes the perfect gift for those who are always on their feet, adventuring or otherwise!

Ramblers Roll - by Moorswood - £48

Not all walks are dry and this Ramblers Roll solves a lot of hiking problems! Despite a myriad of natures seats out there, adverse weather can often mean a wet behind whilst you pause for a much needed energy boost or to swig from your flask. Moorswood have created a fabulous range of Ramblers Rolls and this one is perfectly suited for rainy or dewy days - a picnic blanket for one, this portable seat mat adds a little luxury to your hikes.

The Outdoor Club

We have lots of gifts perfect for those adventuring dads in both cork and leather. From our double walled drink bottles to custom map wallets. Take a look at our outdoorsy collection here.